10 Amazing Guitar Designs

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Guitars come in all sorts of styles and designs. While retaining their six strings and embossed frets against its long neck, there are some guitars with over-the-top designs which will surely grab someone's attention. Here are ten of the most amazing guitars there is notable for being beautiful yet unusual.

Ogre Transwing Flying X

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

Sleek and metallic, Ogre Transwing Flying X delivers a futuristic appearance with its intimidating X-style look.

Steve Vai's Ultra Zone Guitar

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

The guitar design is based on an illustration for Steve Vai's 1999 album, “The Ultra Zone” where an alien version of Steve plays a futuristic ax.

The Villanizer Steampunk Guitar

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

Created by Thunder Eagle Guitar, the Villanizer is a customized guitar equipped with rustic pipes, gears, and gauges which are embellished throughout the guitar.

Lego Guitar

The distinct guitars above which are made up of Legos are the brainchild of Foster's Brothers Guitars, known for making quality instruments.

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

Spiral Electric Guitar

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

The spiral electric guitar is a visually appealing guitar that would surely catch someone's attention due to its design.

Fender Custom Shop Stained Glass Tele

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

This beautiful guitar is known for its masterfully crafted stained glass pieces that are illuminated with a custom LED light panel.

Swinger Guitar

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

A swinger guitar is known for being the first of its kinds on the market. It places the soul of a guitar into a body of a tennis racket.

660 Guitars US/76

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

These guitars are built with an aluminum body and a carbon fiber or graphite neck. Not only do they look sleek, these guitars are also guaranteed to be indestructible.

Bahamut Guitar

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

The guitar is embellished with a Chinese dragon on its body that is shaped like a treble clef. The dragon comes to life through the red lasers on its eyes.

Dewey Decibel’s Flipout Guitar

10 Amazing Guitar Designs

The Flipout guitar is designed by Dewey Decibel, Inc. These guitars have their standard body flipped out, offering a unique yet fun design to marvel at.

Although most of these guitar designs are considered bizarre and peculiar to some, these are styles that revolutionize the traditional model of guitars. These guitars sure have the charms and the appeal that makes them ahead of their time.


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