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Whether you are a startup company or you have already established your name in the industry, e-mail marketing can benefit you on your business. A convenient e-mail marketing tool item which is essential for any enterprise is an e-mail newsletter.

An e-mail newsletter is a powerful tool which is used by a lot of due to its various functionalities. Primarily, it provides customers with up-to-date information including services and news updates. Such mechanism should let customers enjoy relevant and exciting news so that they can engage further with the enterprise.

In order to make an e-mail newsletter marketing efficient, a designer like you should take into consideration several factors. Aside from making sure that the text is informative yet convincing. Moreover, a good layout with a creative design and style is worth noting.

To guide you in designing an excellent newsletter, we have collected several e-mail newsletter designs for better promotion.


Incredible Designer Promotional E-mail Newsletters

This email from GrubHub allows customers to order the food they are craving at the moment without reaching out for the phone. Its informative yet straightforward design will enable customers to divulge themselves into the ordering through various perks including a story told through an exciting interactive content, "Eat My Map." This is indeed a right way of promoting their product.


Incredible Designer Promotional E-mail Newsletters

Nordstrom is an American department which features clothing and accessories for men and women. Its email newsletter sets a vibrant yet trendy tone which aims to appeal to a younger audience. This move creates an inviting atmosphere for the youth to get engaged with the product. Its use of colors and font styles are pretty much a site to see.

Ace Hotel

Incredible Designer Promotional E-mail Newsletters

As cliché as it may seem, it will always be true: an image paints a thousand words. Hence, with an effective use of photos in your newsletter, you may not need to fill your whole site with a bunch of text. Take for instance the site of Ace Hotel. A creative layout of photos would already be inviting to see.

Code for America

Incredible Designer Promotional E-mail Newsletters

While the Code for America email is mostly text, it does not feel intimidating to read nor is it overwhelming at all. Its efficient use of colors and fonts styles and its creative layout creates an alluring atmosphere. Furthermore, its use of graphs and images to encapsulate the supporting text are also brilliantly done.


Incredible Designer Promotional E-mail Newsletters

Fab uses a superimposed vibrant color to successfully catch the eyes of its customers. This use of hues effectively makes the visuals pop off the page and pulls the eyes of the customers right to the content. Its texts of varying colors add to the visuals of the page. Vibrant colors set against minimal elements create a good design.


Incredible Designer Promotional E-mail Newsletters

Less is really more in this email of BeautyBay. There is the moving lipstick which represents what the brand is trying to sell, and three sentences which invite its customers to check out where the lipstick is going. The animated email is simple and very minimal, yet it speaks of a lot of things regarding the brand itself.


Incredible Designer Promotional E-mail Newsletters

By keeping it simple, Everlane, an online clothing retailer, effectively focuses on the product. The products are nicely displayed against a white background so that the eyes of the customers are directed towards them. The supporting texts are readable and complementary to the images that are situated beside them. Its contrast allows customers to gauge the essential components of the email.


Incredible Designer Promotional E-mail Newsletters

This example by Trespass employs an interesting announcement set against a ticking clock. Its simple use of text and animation against a dark blue color sets the tone for an important announcement which customers need to know. Its use of bold sans serif text jumps off the page to the eyes of the customers. It is simple yet it is effective.


Incredible Designer Promotional E-mail Newsletters

Sephora creates an inviting atmosphere through its efficient use of shapes – particularly circles. Its use of circle frames set against a white background creates an emphasis on the products that need to be noticed. This gives the whole email an edgy and streamlined design that would help relay information, pointing out the most significant content to see.

In order to help you promote your business efficiently, you could consider building an e-mail newsletter which should be updated regularly. To make it more effective, you should employ the right kind of text and the most aesthetic design. By considering the samples above, you are ensured of a productive and innovative e-mail newsletter.

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