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Russian folk craft - Gzhel in the interior design

If you’ve been wanting to incorporate a traditional aspect of Russian culture into your home, by using the traditional vibrant bright blue and white porcelain known as Gzhel, there are many ways to do so without dating the look of your home in the process. The key is to maintain a modern feel to the space without letting the timeless porcelain and ceramic pattern we all know and love steal the show. Finding a way to take elements from traditional Gzhel will overall make a bigger impact on the living space than just placing a few pieces of Russian folk craft above your mantle.

We’ve curated this guide to help you find ways to incorporate your love to traditional Russian art into your home without it clashing with the mood of your space. You’ll know exactly how to add these elements seamlessly after reading over this interior design guide.

Russian folk craft - Gzhel in the interior design

First of all what exactly is Gzhel? Well according to Russian Crafts: “Gzhel is the name of the traditional Russian craft of production of porcelain and pottery items - dishes, tiles, other decorative elements and pieces. If to be more precise Gzhel is the name of the region close to Moscow which includes about 27 of villages and small towns. The region forms the so-called "Gzhel bush." Pottery production and then later porcelain manufacturing is based on presence of porcelain clay, perfectly suitable for these purposes.”

With that said, taking elements from these traditional pieces is a great way to give a traditional feel to your modern space.

Russian folk craft - Gzhel in the interior design

Focus on color, keep your furniture light to make room for an abundance of navy blues and cool tones that will really create an elegant atmosphere. By focusing on the whites, creams, and cool tones of blue, you’ll automatically make your space feel more traditional with a modern twist.

Keep it natural! Keep your accents as natural as possible, a dark wood really contrasts well with the white and the blue, keep your floors dark as well to give the illusion of traditional grandeur.

Incorporate classic pieces of Gzhel Porcelain in common areas, not just the kitchen. That way guests will easily be able to see the inspiration and it will keep their eyes interested when entering a space for the first time.

Russian folk craft - Gzhel in the interior design

It doesn’t have to be difficult to incorporate this style into your modern home. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an apartment or a cabin, this style can work well with any setting and surrounding. By just including more cool tones you’ll easily be able to create a Gzhel inspired space on a budget and in a way that honors the Russian folk craft. Try out this style and see how you like it, we’d love to know your thoughts!

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