Designing Your Interior In VR
2017-11-30 1271 (1) 5

With the advancements made in technology every single day, when it comes to design, there have been ample improvements and additional applications that could be beneficial. Take a moment to visualize your dream home, even just a dream kitchen or...

What is Smart Home Technology?
2017-11-30 653 (4) 5

What is Smart Home Technology? Technology has taken over our daily activities. Due to constant progress and modernization, we have availed ourselves of smartphones that allow us to communicate with others and appliances that help us with our chores. With...

The Future of the Future - The Designer of Augmented Reality
2017-11-30 1187 (4) 5

At this present age, it would be difficult to find someone who has not yet heard of augmented reality. The continuous development of augmented reality has spurred a lot of devices and software applications which we may have encountered at...

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